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Leverage Your Listings

How can you magnetically attract listing opportunities and eliminate the need to chase cold leads? The most successful agents recognize that leveraging current listings is key. It's about shining a spotlight on your listings and successes, fostering trust within your community, earning invaluable 5-star reviews, and, most significantly, attracting new listing opportunities.

This is where Homes & Land steps in.

We're more than just creators of beautiful advertisements; we're your strategic marketing partners committed to assisting you in achieving excellence in real estate.


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Elevate Your Listing Presentation

In today's competitive real estate market sellers often seek more marketing techniques when selecting an agent, especially when interviewing multiple agents.

Imagine the difference at your next listing appointment when flipping through our professionally curated magazine showing your clients' where their home will be prominently featured to reach homebuyers beyond the digital sphere. Unlike digital ads that are easily scrolled past, our print medium offers a captivating and tactile experience that resonates with an affluent readership.


Proactive Direct Mail with Advanced Data Analysis

We use curated direct mail lists to deliver our magazine to potential homebuyers and sellers each issue.

Moreover, our exclusive distribution partnership with the prestigious Wall Street Journal enables us to reach their affluent subscribers. Our commitment lies in maximizing your reach while providing a cost-effective marketing campaign that consistently delivers exceptional exposure.

Maximizing Your Listing's Reach Beyond Print

Your advertised listings are not only featured in our print magazine but also in our dynamic e-Magazine, with clickable links to your website and listings. Additionally, your properties get featured listing status on HomesAndLand.com, maximizing your online presence. And even more impressive, we syndicate your advertised listings to several top-tier websites at no additional charge.

Effortless Submission Process

We specialize in creating ad designs that showcase your expertise, success stories, and exceptional listings. We elevate your brand awareness and drive traffic to your website and social platforms, generating valuable warm leads.

We understand the nuances of crafting impactful listing ad copy, selecting the most compelling visuals, and optimizing ad sizes within your budget. By submitting your listings each month, you’ll be visible on coffee tables with a long shelf life—far beyond the transient lifespan of postcards that often end up in the trash. 

Buy with Confidence

Print advertising continues to be a trusted and proven medium in today's digital age. Studies show that 58% of consumers trust print ads more than any other advertising method, and 81% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand that delivers steady content.

Furthermore, 90% of successful brands attribute their achievements to consistent and repeated advertising. Businesses with a consistent marketing effort are up to 3.5 times more likely to see a significant increase in revenue. Imagine the impact to your business by having your brand seen regularly in our magazine! 

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Explore how our tailored advertising solutions can elevate your brand, attract more listings, and establish you as the go-to Realtor® for your community!