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It’s all about you.

It’s all about you.

At Homes & Land, we believe that your listings should remain directly tied to you. Let us show you how to keep buyers directly engaged with you and you alone throughout the home buying experience. Eliminate the noise of multiple agents, websites, and ratings to take control of your prospects.

We’ve developed our products specifically for you to win new listings, build a strong referral network, and nurture your relationship with homebuyers. We keep the spotlight on the star of the show, you.


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Homes & Land is the only real estate network that keeps the spotlight on agents like you. We offer you a complete suite of marketing products and services designed with the express purpose of building your brand to win listings, sell homes and generate referrals.  Homes & Land tools and resources highlight the efforts you put into working for your buyers and sellers.

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Homes & Land App

The Homes & Land App connects homebuyers and sellers directly to you. We are the first and only publication to provide a truly interactive print and digital experience focused on keeping the spotlight on you and your listings. We connect your print advertisement to the digital Homes & Land listing and your agent profile. Homes & Land is hyper-focused on delivering the information consumers are looking for with a single point of contact to connect with when they are ready to act.

Using the app is simple:

  • Step 1: Consumers download the Homes & Land App
  • Step 2: Consumers scan images
  • Step 3: Consumers instantly see photos and property details
  • Step 4: Consumers easily connect with the property-listing agent

The Homes & Land App provides a revolutionary search experience designed to build a stronger connection between you as the listing agent and your prospective homebuyers and sellers. You and your properties are never separated, and you will never find other agents associated with your listings. Pairing the magazine with the app empowers consumers to gather the details they need to transition from awareness to consideration while keeping you and your listings at the center of the experience.

Homes & Land Magazine

At Homes & Land, we believe that your listings should remain directly tied to you. With distribution in top markets, Homes & Land is hyper-focused on streamlining the home buying process by presenting your listings to a captive audience with real home buying intent.

Advertising in print has many advantages. Print ads have a higher likelihood of recall than their digital equivalent. Magazines remain a more effective catalyst for action when compared to other forms of advertising.

Our research has shown that a tactile advertisement has a higher likelihood of being shared with friends, family, business partners, and local social centers. The lifespan of your ad is virtually limitless when compared to an electronic format.

Print converts more consumers versus digital. Our research shows that 80% of consumers are spurred to action from print advertising as opposed to only 45% from their digital equivalent. If the goal is to influence buying decisions, print remains king.

Furthermore, your print ad remains within arm's reach at countless local businesses, waiting rooms, and service providers. Never to be seen digital ads and email campaigns can easily be lost in inboxes or flagged by spam filters.

The internet is fraught with misinformation and can confuse prospective buyers with multiple sites, ads, ratings, contact information, and digital noise. Credible brands remain bullish on print advertisement, and your listings should be no different. Build a community of motivated buyers by leveraging the credibility and reliability of a high-quality print magazine.

Homes & Land is a niche publication that makes its way into the hands of interested buyers. The intent is evident, and the people who read it are doing so for one reason, to imagine what they can purchase from you.

Homes & Land Website is a leader in online real estate search. Our search results encompass the entire country while also focusing on local markets. Advertising with Homes & Land allows your listings to stand out from the crowd and get the attention they deserve.

Our featured advertisers get prime positioning on our website. We direct homebuyers to your listings, and we never promote or associate other agents with your listings. We keep the spotlight on you and your listing.

Digital Magazine

Homes & Land also has a fully interactive digital magazine with limitless distribution possibilities. We’ve optimized our digital magazine for mobile and it works great on desktops and laptops, too. We've made content simple for sharing via email and social sites as well.

Our magazine is perfect for sharing with homebuyers preparing to relocate. You as the listing agent, can remain front and center of buyers moving to your area when you share the digital magazine.

It is also a great resource for agents selling in second home communities. With almost half of second homebuyers looking for properties over 500 miles away, it pays to access to a resource that helps you advertise on a national level.

& more

Partner Sites

Partnering with Homes & Land is the best way to bring attention to your listings across leading industry websites. Broad exposure does not mean a diluted message. All of your listings drive consumers back to, ensuring that they stay connected to you.

Our robust roster of partner sites includes a strong network of luxury syndication partners. Agents listing luxury properties will enjoy featured placement and earn the attention of high-end buyers. Typically, this cost can be well over $2400 per million-dollar listing. However, advertising with Homes & Land means your listing is shared with luxury sites automatically.

Home Mail Program

Your hard work deserves to be recognized, and we do our best to make sure it is.

Homes sellers receive a copy of Homes & Land Magazine featuring their home with encouragement from us to provide you with referrals. While the magazine serves as the physical artifact of all your efforts to sell their home, the app empowers them to share the listing with others in their network instantly.

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